Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time for a new FUN contest - $10 Gift Certificate

$10 Gift Certificate to any of my stores on Etsy or Artfire

I'm in need of some inspiring pieces of artwork for my creative workspace.. so I figured why not hold a fun contest.. so here are the rules..

1. Follow my blog
2. Take a look at my photos below of my space and post a link to an item on etsy (for clarification..not one of my items..something from someone else that I could potentially buy) that you think would be a great addition.. It can be anything from a set of coasters, to a painting, to a sculpture, to wall decals, to a stuffed doll..it doesn't matter.. I'm looking for some fun stuff.. and what better way to get help than from some fellow etsians..

You may suggest up to three items.
Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on 10/17/09
Winner of $10 GC will be responsible to pay any additional costs over $10

I'm looking forward to seeing some fun pieces :)
oh and if I actually buy the item you suggest I will give YOU (the person who suggested the item) a $10 GC also.

Please excuse the mess.. i'm not totally settled ;)